Optimistic about what lies ahead

By Ben Brocklesby, director at Origin.

The start of a new year brings with it a clean sheet. A time to start again, no matter what went before – both good and bad. It is a time to be positive and streamline the current ways of working, to be more effective and efficient than last year, striving to simply be better.

So what areas will we be focusing on for 2019?

We are, as always, optimistic about what lies ahead. All of our research and market analysis points towards the continued growth of aluminium within the fenestration industry, probably at the expense of PVCU. With this in mind, we will be looking to capitalise on this surge by pushing the boundaries of what is possible – designing innovative new products to add to our Origin Home range.

That being said, with the uncertainty of Brexit just around the corner, we do foresee a period of consolidation within the industry. With so many unknowns still being discussed, especially regarding a hard exit, people are looking to ride out the storm. Companies with a reliance on EU suppliers will be considering UK options, which gives organisations like ours, which manufacture in the UK, an opportunity to grow their national business even further.

We will be sticking to ‘business as usual’. For over 20 years, we have relied on our product quality and the unbeatable service we provide to our partners, and this is never going to change, no matter the political outlook.

Our data is also showing us that we will see a growth in the educated buyer. We are already seeing changes in the residential market place, with homeowners having a greater knowledge and interest in the design, specification and performance of the systems they are buying – even before setting foot in the showroom. These savvy buyers do not need to be sold to, they want to know more about the key differentiators like service and quality before purchasing.

Finally, we will be further supporting our installers and partners, ensuring that the high standards we pride ourselves on continue to be met, and exceeded. Our partners can expect new and improved products, support and consumer insights, as well as new developments into exciting technologies that are designed to make their lives easier.

If the benefits of being an Origin partner were not big enough before, the next year will see it even further stand out above the competition.