Olympic spirit

Andy Ball, managing director at Balls2 Marketing, explains what lessons businesses can learn from the Olympics.

When the Olympics comes around every four (or five!) years, it’s always amazing to see how much of a special occasion it is: it’s an event that captures the attention of everyone across the world.

Even those who will never watch any sport in the four years between the games are glued to their TV in the early hours of the morning watching some obscure event, such as synchronised swimming or dressage, as soon as the Olympics start.

Although this year’s event was carried out without the presence of fans, it was still incredible to see some of the best athletes in the world compete in their chosen field, with five years of hard work coming down to just one moment, and trying to achieve the goal they have been working towards for so long.

Much of Team GB’s success can be put down to their ability to work towards a goal. In their headquarters in London, they have a digital clock counting down to the next Olympic Games, so that everyone reminded why they are there, and what they are working for, showing how important it can be to have one tangible thing to work towards.

You see this pay off in the success of the athletes. Adam Peaty is just one example of an athlete who perfectly balances the skill of taking every day as it comes, but at the same time not letting anything distract him from reaching his end goal, even if that meant training throughout lockdown in a 5.7m long pool in his garden!

The same principles can be translated to the business world. Goals are crucial for the success of any company, and those who successfully set and exceed them are often the best at adapting to and dealing with any hurdles along the way. There has been no bigger challenge in recent times than the pandemic, and we’ve seen how different companies have dealt with it.

Goals are just as crucial in marketing strategy. Without a clear plan of what you want to achieve, tracking progress can be difficult. Starting every marketing campaign with a clear goal that everyone is working towards can help turn your goals into gold.