Locks for aluminium windows and doors

By Mike Rushen, Winkhaus UK sales director.

Responding to continuing growth in the UK aluminium sector, Winkhaus offers a comprehensive and expanding range of locking solutions for both aluminium windows and doors across all market sectors.

From standard lift lever to automatic locks, the Winkhaus range includes options for residential, communal, bifolds, and double entrance doors.

Thoughtful design has ensured that locks and keeps with U-rail and flat plate profiles fit together perfectly to suit all major aluminium system applications. Versatility comes as standard, so the range of locks can be fitted and interchanged within the one initial routing preparation. This means the configuration can be changed to meet the needs of the occupier.

All Winkhaus multi-point locking systems are designed to comply with the latest police-approved Secured by Design and PAS24 requirements.

Changing public perceptions of aluminium windows and doors have led to a surge in popularity for these products. As the aluminium market continues to go from strength to strength, we are continually investing in and developing our products in response to customers’ and end users’ requirements.

As members of the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), we gain valuable access to knowledge of what is happening in the industry. By keeping up to date with trends, as well as the latest news on regulations and other issues, we can stay one step ahead and respond to changes in the marketplace.

Aluminium doors are virtually maintenance-free with a long lifespan; these attributes combine perfectly with Winkhaus’ range of premium locking solutions that deliver proven security and reliable performance over time.

Specially designed for aluminium doors is the Winkhaus aluFAB slave door locking system, which provides a high-security locking option without the need for a security Kitemark cylinder, cylinder guard or a security handle. Operated by a flush, integrated two-way lever, the aluFAB slave lock throws two heavy-duty 20mm shootbolts into the head and sill.

The Winkhaus family of locks, including autolocks, are all compatible with the FAB slave lock for double doors. The locking points penetrate the FAB mechanism, securing each door leaf together with no additional keeps required.

The slave door lock’s size range from 1,853mm to 2,880mm offers exceptional flexibility. It is ideally suited to the trend towards taller French doors and for main entrance doors with an opening side panel. These types of doors are being increasingly specified for wheelchair access or for moving large pieces of furniture in or out of the building.

For aluminium window manufacturers, the aluPilot fitting system from Winkhaus can save up to 10 minutes’ production time per window compared to the traditional systems on the market.

Four key concepts – fastening, tooling, innovative design and handling – plus a combination of factors are behind the time saving system, making the fabrication process more production friendly and efficient.

Winkhaus aluPilot caters for all types of aluminium window, left or right-hung, with visible or invisible hinges and all the tilt and turn, tilt before turn or turn only options. The fitting system is available in a range of options to suit particular fabrication weight requirements, which accepts 200kg on a tilt and turn window, or 300kg turn only on visible hinges.

The UK aluminium sector is a huge growth market and we have recognised increasing demand for high-quality locking systems to integrate with aluminium windows and doors.

Commercially and domestically, the aluminium market represents a significant opportunity for Winkhaus UK.