Investment is key to longevity

Developments being rolled out to Leads 2 Trade members this year include a new appointment booking system and app, a new lead vault, and a new rating system. Managing director Andy Royle explains.

Leads 2 Trade, which provides leads for companies in the home improvement industry, has seen unbelievable growth since it was founded in November 2006, which has been driven by a desire to invest.

The Leads 2 Trade brand has been synonymous with quality leads pretty much since the beginning, but to keep providing our members with that quality has meant we have had to constantly develop our lead generation process and provide the best service we can for our members.

Two years ago, we introduced our premium lead delivery methods for members, set against a standard lead that is just supplied via email or text message, including pre-qualified hotkey telephone leads and a revolutionary appointment booking service.

This was followed up by a link-up with finance firm Pomegranate Commercial Finance so it could assist existing members and non-members in applying for business loans.

And at the beginning of last year, we completed the acquisition of glazing industry sales-lead aggregator CloudGlaze, which included market leading online brands Double Glazing on the Web, and Conservatory Online Prices.

Making these investments has really strengthened our brand and adapting to both our market and our members has allowed us to stay on top for as long as we have. And we are sure that these exciting developments to our software systems will increase the quality of service to our network.

So, what is new for 2020?A new appointment booking system and app will give members access to an electronic diary system built into the members’ area dashboard to allocate appointments to a sales team.

This technology can be deployed directly into a sales team to notify them of any changes to an appointment to avoid wasted time, as well as to confirm new appointments and automatically check for availability of individual salespeople when allocating new appointments.

We feel this will further strengthen the quality of the leads we supply members and will include a new automated SMS messaging platform.

The new lead vault, which only certain members will be given access too and will be a new area within the members’ area dashboard, will display leads that have been qualified but have not been sold due to product type or lack of postcode area coverage.

The leads will have been through the same stringent qualification process and will include all notes obtained from the consumer at the time of qualification.

This will be perfect for members to dip in and out of to check if there are any leads displayed that may be on the periphery of their geographical coverage, or they need to boost lead volumes at certain times of the month or year.

They will be able to instantly purchase the lead, giving them more control of each sales territory with the ability to take additional qualified leads when and where they need them.

A new rating system will be introduced later in the year. Built into Leads 2 Trade’s SMS platform is a simple five-star rating system that members can use within their own marketing channels.

This will be released in Q2 this year once we have implemented the appointment app, and again this is a free-to-use service offered to our members to improve their own marketing processes.

We firmly intend to continue on our journey to provide the most qualified leads and appointments in the industry, and we are sure that some, or all, of our new technology will assist our members in creating orders and profit to benefit their business.

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