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Having recently employed an additional chemist to concentrate purely on new product development, Thermoseal Group is set to manufacture a range products, according to the group’s marketing manager Samantha Hill.

Our latest product release, to be designed in our own Innovation Centre and tested within our EN1279 test facilities, is the new Thermobar with 4mm air cavity. As a result of customer feedback, it has been redesigned with a smaller profile height of 5.5mm as opposed to the standard 6.5mm to give a slimmer sightline at the edge of the unit to fit into the window rebate.

This is to suit applications where smaller and narrower window frames are required in the restoration and replication of traditional style windows.

Prior to this product, we launched our Thermobar interbar range colour-matched to Thermobar warm edge spacers to produce the multipane window effect in a variety of sizes, including a 6mm slimline profile. This is in addition to the duplex fittings that we have also developed to create the same multipane style windows using standard Thermobar warm edge spacer.

It is surprising how many businesses I noticed at recent exhibitions, including The FIT Show at the NEC, where windows are being produced with a warm edge spacer and an aluminium interbar (sometimes referred to as muntin bar) or duplex options using aluminium spacer. The finish is so much better using the full warm edge option, and our Interbar system can be used with any warm edge spacer currently available on the market. Thermobar interbar is priced similar to aluminium alternatives.

Our next product introductions will be larger sizes of Thermobar including 22mm and 24mm profiles. We are also working on new designs to add to our Thermoflex range with product patents pending. Following that, there’ll be a steady introduction of new products to expand our portfolio of UK-manufactured components and support growth in export business.

You may have seen our recent announcements relating to the multitude of awards we have won for our export business including: The Queen’s Award for Export – International Trade; Amazon’s Export Champion of the Year; and further local awards including a Wigan Business Award and an EEF Future Manufacturing Award for the North West Region.

Over the past few years, we have been continually investing in our Innovation Centre with the addition of further skilled chemists and a whole array of laboratory equipment to develop and trial new products. From initial inception of the idea, throughout the manufacturing process, we have full traceability of the production journey of all of the components we deliver to the customer.

We now manufacture over 50% of the products we supply and intend to continue to manufacture more industry-leading IG components in-house.
We have over 37 years in the industry and a highly-experienced account management team who work closely with our customers to gain the feedback we need to ensure that our products are best in industry. Whether the components are brought-in goods or manufactured in-house we take all of our customer feedback on board to continually develop and improve our product range. Our manufactured components have all been through extensive trials with both UK and export customers prior to their general launch onto the market.

Thermobar is our highest performance rigid tube spacer offering a best thermal conductivity value of 0.14W/mK and also phA+ Passivhaus ratings with hot melt secondary sealant. Thermoflex is the highest performance flexible spacer system with a thermal conductivity value of 0.135W/mK and also offers a phA+ rating.

Both spacers are independently tested and have Bundesverband Flachglas (BF) data sheets for both windows and facades. BF data sheets and Passivhaus Certificates are available online at the respective websites.

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