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By Yale.

The average cost of a residential burglary in the UK is £3,030, which is a significant amount for any household and a potentially disastrous loss for many.

But it is not just about the money. Consider the risk to items so valuable that a number can’t be placed on them, such as family heirlooms, and the argument for homeowners installing highly secure doors and windows is extremely compelling.

That’s why Yale offers the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee. First and foremost, the guarantee provides homeowners with the assurance that the hardware installed is of a tested standard that makes a break-in through the door or window less likely. On top of this, it offers them the reassurance that – should the worst happen – Yale will be there to support them with a generous package to cover any resulting cost.

Here is an overview of the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee, and the benefits it provides, not only for homeowners but for the fabricators and installers who adopt it.

With 98% brand recognition, Yale is widely acknowledged to be the leading home security brand, inspiring a high level of trust in consumers around the world. This is what makes the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee the best choice for window and door retailers and fabricators.

Thanks to the guarantee, they can take advantage of the brand’s reputation for excellence by choosing a combination of Yale hardware to form a door and/or window package, certified to PAS 24 standard. This entitles their customers to:

  • Up to £1,000 towards home insurance excess, meaning that, in the unlikely event of a break in, Yale will pay up to £1,000 towards the customer’s home insurance excess to ensure they’re not left out of pocket.
  • Up to £1,000 towards repairs or replacements – a sign of the confidence that Yale has in its components, all of which are designed to stand the test of time.
  • £1,000 in compensation if the break-in was caused by the failure of a Yale component, by way of an apology to the customer.
  • Up to £250 refund on call-out fees, enabling the customer to secure their home if a break-in occurs due to the failure of a Yale component.
  • 10% discount at the Yale Store, allowing the customer to further enhance their home security with the full range of Yale security products, available at a discount price at

While the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee pays homeowners up to £3,250 in the event of a break-in, the money is not the most important thing, since homeowners cannot profit from a break in. Instead, it is the security of Yale’s products – and, crucially, the company’s reputation and the trust it engenders – that set it apart from other guarantee packages.

For doors, this includes the Yale Platinum Euro Profile cylinder, a TS007 3-Star kitemarked anti-snap product that provides maximum security against known attack methods, and the Yale Postmaster Professional TS008 letterplate, which has an inner flap with a positive stop feature to guard against common attack methods and ‘fishing’.

Also part of the door package are Yale’s extensive range of hinges, handles and multi-point door locks. For example, the newly launched Lockmaster 21 lock, which has been designed, developed and tested to deliver the very highest levels of secure performance, and has been designed to achieve PAS 24:2016 security as standard.

For windows – including casements, vertical sliders, fully reversible solutions, and soon tilt and turn products – customers benefit from Yale’s highly secure window locks, various PAS24 casement locking ranges delivering Secured by Design security performance, and the company’s wide choice of friction hinges, handles and ancillary devices.

In the retail environment, the finer details of hardware and its performance are often not high on agenda for customers, but are instead taken as a given. Often, the addition of the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee may cover the whole discussion for the consumer, giving them the trust required to move onto higher-priority motivators such as styles, colours and price.

One of the many companies to have embraced the guarantee is Northern Trade Windows, a Leeds-based supplier of windows and doors for more than 27 years. Since adopting the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee, the company has seen its conversion rate increase by 30%.

Managing director Elliot Cosgrove said: “In terms of selling points, the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee is the cherry on top of the cake for us. We were already doing well before we adopted it, but since we took it up, it’s provided a massive boost to our business.

“The Yale guarantee is now the main thing we focus on in our sales pitch to customers, and the confidence it gives them is plain to see. That’s testament to both the generosity of the guarantee, and above all the great reputation that Yale has with the general public.”

Another company to benefit from the advantages of the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee is Veka trade fabricator Modplan. The Newport company has offered the scheme on its Veka and Liniar window and door profiles for several years, and has signed up more than 40 main installers for membership certification.

Heidi Sachs, managing director of Modplan, said: “Security is so important to homeowners, and for us the Yale guarantee plays a big role in putting their minds at rest. This is possible because Yale is closely associated with reliable security – a reputation that continues to be deserved today. The Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee is a huge positive for our brand.”

With the financial and emotional cost of being burgled so high, the best guarantee for homeowners is the one that makes doors and windows the most secure against attack in the first place. When backed up by the Yale’s reputation for security, this makes the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee the best possible choice for fabricators, retailers and installers looking to enhance their sales.