Fuelling installer growth

Gareth Thomas, group sales director at Customade Group, looks ahead to what the enhanced new group will deliver for installers in 2018.

There’s a shift building in the industry – one where installers have greater control over their businesses; the power to discard tired supply chains, save time, improve efficiencies and enhance profits.

Customade Group has unveiled a solution to champion the installer, and the message spreading is ‘the possibilities are endless’.

As a large-scale fabricator, we understand that many installers had no choice but to waste time juggling multiple suppliers – time that could be spend on profitable business. Worse still, dozens were turning down jobs because they couldn’t source the right products at the right price point.

We knew we had to influence change by improving how the industry serves customers. This meant revolutionising the supply chain and opening up routes to more fenestration products for installers. Our vision is to help installers co-ordinate everything through one supplier, effectively creating a complete solution for them.

Imagine never having to say no to a job again because of long lead times, unpredictable deliveries, or lack of access to the right products? Imagine having an easy route to a wealth of fenestration products, profiles, materials and price points that guarantee decent margins? Imagine a relationship with just one sales manager who fully understands your business and your needs? Imagine routinely benefiting from the best service levels and consistently high quality, whatever product you order? And, imagine saving time and driving efficiencies that help your business to grow?

A genuine step-change for the industry, the formidable package from Customade Group has been developed to deliver exactly what an installer needs. It creates exciting new opportunities and helps installers to be the best that they can be – we like to think of it as ‘work unlimited’.

Talk to any installer and they expect choice, quality, and value as standard from their suppliers. What they don’t necessarily expect is a committed partner that works alongside them to add value to their business and enhance their profits. And I’ve yet to find an installer who’s multi-sourcing and happy with every element of service from each supplier – there are just too many variables when handling several suppliers.

The key to helping installers succeed is to keep things simple. Installers should weigh up the benefits of switching from multiple suppliers and consider if a streamlined supply chain will make life easier and achieve greater results for their businesses.

By choosing one established, nationwide supplier, and accessing all products through one single route, installers will benefit from greater convenience, speed and consistently high levels of service. Not only does this save time managing multiple suppliers for one project, it allows installers to plan and manage jobs more effectively, and therefore boost profits.

One key supplier to support installers on all products and projects drives considerable efficiencies. With just one experienced sales manager who knows your business inside out to handle projects from ordering through to delivery, there’s less room for error – no incomplete deliveries, no risk of being passed from pillar to post if issues arise, and no nasty surprises.

Most importantly though, installers can achieve long term growth. With instant access to products they may not have used before, they can explore new markets and they’ll never have to turn work away because they can’t source the range of products required for a job.

This is an exciting chance for installers to fuel their growth and Customade Group is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with customers, providing them with the breadth of products and quality of service that they need to succeed.

With the right supplier behind them, the possibilities for installers are endless.