Forward to Fensterbau Frontale

Gareth Jones, marketing and technical director at Rehau, looks forward to asks what Fensterbau Frontale offers to the UK market, and how are we representing ourselves to the industry at this critical time in our economy.

Focusing on what the future has to hold is central to this year’s Rehau stand at Fensterbau, which will be presenting the reality and the vision of networked, intelligent windows.

Smarter, bigger and with more choice, Rehau’s stand will highlight all the global firm has to offer. For Rehau, the window of the future integrates digital privacy screening and sun protection in the glass pane, which can be regulated via a control element in the window frame, and directly via a touch element on the window pane, or from afar via an app.

Key products on display will include the Rehau Geneo Inovent, which highlights certain smart technology available. Another intelligent addition is the new window alarm system Rehau Smart Guard, which aims to deter burglars with several escalation levels, and can close roller shutters or place an emergency call if force is detected.

The stand will also look at the importance of high-performance material, and the increasing variety of colours. Rehau will also be showcasing its new 360 Marketing Portal for the first time, prior to it going live in the UK in the weeks following the show, which will offer downloadable marketing material.

In the UK we remain largely self-sufficient, and questions are often raised as to whether it is necessary for UK suppliers to attend Fensterbau Frontale. This year, however, the UK will be well represented at a crucial time as Brexit remains firmly in our sights at the UK Pavilion hosted by the GGF.

The key message will be ‘Britain Means Business’ as 12 co-exhibitors, including Rehau fabricator Roseview Windows, each showcase what they have to offer the industry.

The UK Rehau team will also be at the show to explore what the future has to offer; there are many reasons why this show is a real window to the future for the industry – particularly at a time when we are all looking for the next big innovation to revolutionise the industry.

For me Fensterbau has become a global show with visitors from all over the world in attendance, particular in emerging markets such as the Americas and Asia. We are looking forward to seeing what Germany and central Europe will be presenting, as this is often a nod to what the future trends will be in the UK, and of course Rehau’s own demonstration of where smart technology could take the industry.

There are also deals to be done. There is often machinery and new technology on display at Fensterbau, something that is critical as the UK market is currently challenging, and people are trying to reduce prices when costs are rising.

Finally, from a personal point of view, I really enjoy it. The show offers a great opportunity to network, and Fensterbau always highlights what a great offering Rehau has and what a premium business we are within the industry. We also tend to get a large amount of our customer base visiting so it is nice to meet up with those people outside of the UK and discuss the ups and downs of the industry over a bratwurst and a beer.