Fabricator support – marketing

Selecta’s marketing manager, Mark Walker, discusses the current and future developments from the marketing team at Selecta.

Over the last 16 months we have expanded the marketing and customer sales support team, giving fabricators their own personal contacts for all their marketing and sales support requirements.

The addition of Donna and Michele has allowed us to focus on ensuring customers have access to all the latest marketing brochures and materials, while providing support to the sales team.

This has ensured that we make certain that customers don’t run out of marketing support materials, while giving them confidence that their requests are being dealt with effectively and efficiently.

This is backed up with a new range of elegant and lavish marketing brochures. Every piece of marketing material is not just a representation of Selecta, but a depiction of our customer and so it was important to ensure that the marketing brochures stood out from the competition, something I believe we have achieved.
A series of new consumer product brochures and information-based marketing and sales support materials is in the design and development stage, while a profile specification guide will be launched soon.

Social media is a powerful platform if used correctly, and can reach a huge audience with very little expenditure. Selecta can now offer fabricators branded promotional videos and electronic brochures, which provides customers with a personalised marketing package ready for use on their website and social media channels.

The branded promotional videos have been successful, as they work well on customers’ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media channels. The branded electronic brochures also work well especially when viewed as flip books on websites, providing a better visual presence.

We have also launched a new, easy-to-navigate website, which is built around the new Selecta Systems and Advance 70 branding with defined sections for fabricators, installers, commercial and homeowner visitors.

The website build has ensured that we focus on the Advance 70 brand and allows sales leads to be generated and passed on to our fabricators and installers. Phase two of the website development will see the launch of the Selecta Support Centre, which will be a dedicated customer-only area with all marketing, technical and general literature downloads and information available to every Selecta fabricator.

All product related information is just a few clicks away whether it be images and brochures, to technical manuals and test report. There are other features in the pipeline that ensure that customers’ needs are met and surpassed.

One of the key elements of the Selecta marketing package is that everything is prepared in-house in regards to design and creation. This gives flexibility and total control over everything that is produced for customers, with a graphic design service also available to those that require that extra support.
Ensuring that we offer a quality and comprehensive marketing and customer sales support package is of paramount importance to Selecta. This in-turn gives our customers the right materials and confidence to promote and sell their range of products.