Equal opportunities to inspire the next generation

By Sue Davenport, group marketing director, Liniar.

Equal opportunities for women across a wide range of roles available within a given company is important to help promote fairness and diversity.

Eliminating gender bias and empowering women means their talent and expertise can be harnessed, leading to innovation, better decision-making, and a more harmonious workplace.

This is epitomised by Anita Orme, who has been driving HGV vehicles for Liniar since 2016 and is a highly valued member of the transport team. Of 315,000 registered truck drivers in the UK, only 2,200 are female, and women are considered much less likely to apply for a driving job than their male counterparts.

However, Anita’s passion for the job is having a positive impact on both Liniar customers and her family members alike.

To date, Anita has covered an estimated 450,000 miles, delivering Liniar products with her trademark smile. She constantly receives excellent customer feedback for delivering the highest standard of service and has driven a range of vehicles from 7-tonne rigids to the ‘wagon & drag’ she drives today.

Driving through all sorts of weather conditions and operating in temperatures ranging from -12°C to +40°C, all with unwavering dedication and high standards, Anita stands out as a female driver in a very male-oriented industry.

In fact, she loves it when people glance up to her cab and do a double-take when they see her driving such a big vehicle!

“To be honest, in other places I’ve worked, I have experienced some negativity from male drivers in the past,” admits Anita. “But since I’ve been at Liniar, I’ve felt so supported – everyone’s just accepted and encouraged, and all the customers have been great!”

Keeping it in the family

Since its humble beginnings back in 1974, Liniar has seen many family members working together across different departments – at one stage we even had three generations of the same family. But no-one as young as Mia Orme, Anita’s daughter!

At just three years old, Mia is Liniar’s youngest budding driver and looks up to her mummy in all things – so much so that Mia’s dad, Simon, bought her a replica Mercedes Actros truck, with Anita adding Liniar branding for authenticity!

Mia also has her own Liniar uniform and her very own hi-vis vest, promoting safety as her number one operational priority (next to cuddling mummy of course!)

When Liniar’s logistics director, Richard Hendy, heard about Mia’s love of trucks, he invited her in to drive her own truck next to the real trucks at Liniar and to see her mum’s vehicle. Her dad and grandma, Rita, also came along for the event, with a photographer capturing the fun of the day.

Anita commented: “Mia just loves trucks! She always points them out and has started waving to the drivers every time she’s in the car. When we found the replica truck, we couldn’t resist getting it for her. She’s never had the chance to drive it outside, so the Liniar lorry park is perfect!”

Inspiring a future generation

With plenty of photos taken to capture the moment, Mia and Anita had a great time comparing Liniar lorries – and when asked what she’d like to do when she grows up, Mia only had one answer: “I want to work at mummy’s work!”

A future generation of drivers already in the making! Let’s hope Mia is one day able to follow her dreams and follow in Anita’s footsteps – and a big thanks to Anita for her continued and exceptional service, from all at Liniar and from our many customers.

To find out more about starting a career with Liniar visit https://www.liniar.co.uk/careers/.