Enjoying a renaissance

With an expanding aluminium offer, Sliders UK has aligned itself to growth markets, according to sales director Steve Mines.

Aluminium is perhaps the industry’s single biggest growth area; we’ve been manufacturing the Aluk bifold for approaching a decade and introduced a second aluminium bifold, the Ultimate Evolution, in 2016.

Demand for those products has snowballed in the last 24 months. That drove the expansion of our aluminium offer last year and continues to inform our strategy for this year, with the further expansion of our range to offer a complete collection of aluminium products.

Since our MBO last year, we have continued to focus on aluminium, with the two aluminium bifold doors. Our premium offer is the Aluk bifold, which is available in two to seven panel configurations, is Part Q and PAS24 accredited, and features concealed running gear, heavy-duty rollers, and stainless steel tracks and multiple opening options.

Maximum height and width is 2,500mm by 7.000mm, while maximum individual panel width is 1,200m and a maximum weight 100kg, giving it a high degree of structural flexibility. U-values are as low as 1.4W/m2K, while it’s also severe weather rated BS6375 -1:2009, water 600PA, air 600PA, and wind pressure of 1,800PA.

The Ultimate Evolution, our second bifold option, combines ultra-smooth bottom running system with slim sightlines – even compared to other aluminium systems.

With a maximum sash height and width of 3,000mm x 1,200mm, colour-matched handles and magnetic door holders, a low threshold option and 30mm polyamide thermal break for increased thermal values, it is also fully tested to PAS 24, Part Q approved, and BS6375 Part 1 Weather Tested.

It also features a fully adjustable jamb option that simplifies door squaring and setting, and increases tolerances. It delivers up to 8mm of tolerance, making if far simpler to align the door even where apertures are out of square.

Aluk was very supportive, as were all of our suppliers during the MBO process, and has brought some very exciting new products onto the market, which we’re confident will generate new areas of opportunity for our trade customers.

Chief among these is its new aluminium window, added to our offer at the end of last year. Manufactured in Aluk’s 70mm Optio system, our new Ultimate Aluminium Window from is defined by clean and flexible sightlines, making it suitable for traditional and contemporary applications.

It accommodates double and triple-glazed insulated units of 24mm to 40mm, employing a polyamide thermal break design to achieve U-values as low as 1.2W/m2K.

It’s also fully tested to PAS24 and is Part Q compliant.

The Ultimate Aluminium Window is being sold off list price, so there aren’t the fluctuations that you get from some suppliers depending on how busy they are.

Another product is Aluk’s new Veranda. The contemporary modular system makes installation easy, includes LED lighting and integrated drainage, and the capability to span up to 6m using just two posts. It transforms outside space and everyone we have shown it to has instantly seen the opportunity.

We have also added two new aluminium inline sliding door options. Manufactured in Aluk’s Optio system, this includes a standard and slimmer sightline 45mm option. Available in multiple sliding configurations, dual colour options, and accepting weights of up to 400kg (with double bogey), it achieves U-values as low as 1.5W/m2K and is Part Q approved in its standard configuration.

It’s clear that aluminium is enjoying a renaissance. We can support our customers in accessing that growth through the supply of a choice of aluminium bifolds, French and sliding doors, and now an aluminium window and veranda.

It’s there for them on a single order and a single delivery, and because we’re not into mass window supply, we can offer them a very reliable and flexible service.