Digital is the new normal

By Jessica Leng, operations manager at Winsoc Digital.

How many times do you hear the word ‘coronavirus’ in your typical day? Undoubtedly some industries have been hit harder than others, with some even profiting from the circumstances. But for most it has created uncertainty and turned businesses upside down.

And it’s not just in the short term: entire industries may never be the same again. Door-to-door canvassing and referrals, once staple business models for the double-glazing industry, are no longer reliable methods to keep the work coming in. With an air of uncertainty around social interaction, the most reliable source of new leads are those generated online.

As a company that generates homeowner leads, we are at the coalface when it comes to understanding and harnessing the demand of the market. We generated over 6,000 leads from January to March, and as the weather improves, we anticipate continued demand for home improvements as people try to make their homes ‘post-lockdown ready’.

We only give our customers leads which have been pre-qualified by our in-house telesales team, so you can be confident you are dealing with quality leads. But once you have a lead, how do you make sure to convert it? How do you interact with your customers, and how do you get them to interact with you in return? These are the issues we were seeking to address when we developed WinQuote and WinCall.

WinQuote is an all-in-one quote management tool that notifies you when you have received a lead, sends and tracks professional quotes, automates reminders to your customer if the quote is unopened, and retargets your customer with your own bespoke adverts until the quote is accepted. With many more useful features built in, it is everything your business needs to effectively manage your leads and boost your conversion rates.

According to the Marketing Donut, 80% of sales require five follow up calls after an initial interaction. However, 44% of businesses will give up after just one call. This is why we took our quote management app one step further and created a dialler system, so that our customers can call and text leads at the click of a button and receive reports on which leads are yet to be contacted.

As restrictions begin to lift, it’s important to reflect on how agile your business has been throughout the pandemic, and how willing you were to embrace new tools and ways of working.

Organic website traffic is beginning to return to a pre-lockdown level after seeing an overall decrease during the pandemic. So, make sure you are communicating clearly with the market to indicate that you are open for business, and provide clarity on how you are conducting your surveys and installations.

So, what’s the takeaway? By investing in online lead generation, developing your online presence, and reassuring your customers that you are committed to working safely, you will not only grow your business but you will be able to adapt and stay agile in an uncertain market place.

Don’t know where to start? Let us audit your business and provide a free, no obligation consultation to help you tap into digital and future proof your business.