Brand power

Andy Ball, managing director of Balls2 Marketing, talks about the importance of building a brand.

As a marketing agency with an in-house design team, we’re often asked for new logos or new styling on a campaign, brochure or some literature.

Focusing on the design alone won’t necessarily hit the mark so before embarking on a new logo design or brand identity, we get to the bottom of why they want a new look. Are they bored of their brand, is it not attracting enough attention from prospects, or is it time for a refresh?

Branding is incredibly powerful, even for the smallest business. Having a strong brand identity with clear messaging improves recognition and trust in your business. It’s also vital that any new branding is considered part of your overall marketing strategy, because it supports every marketing activity that you do.

Look at some of the biggest brands out there. Amazon was recently named the world’s most valuable brand in BrandZ global ranking, with a value of $315.5 billion. It knocked Apple and Google off the top-spot for the first time in 12 years.

It has developed from being an online retailer, with a price-led product offering, to be one of the most consumer-centric businesses. Its brand is worth this because it delivers on its values and customers have positive experiences with them – speedy delivery, reliability and easy use.

Amazon has also seized new opportunities to grow their business, like introducing Prime, Prime Video, Audible, Fire and Alexa. The success of these products, driven by consumer trends, is really down to them selling great new stuff to an already loyal customerbase who love their brand.

Companies in the glazing industry can apply the same principles to their marketing. Building a brand is about more than just a good logo; it’s about creating positive experiences for customers so that they will come back again and again. Whether that’s when they move house and need more windows, or are looking for a Smart technology upgrade on their door.

Next time you want a new look for your brand, make sure it’s inline with your business strategy and it’s a true reflection of who you are and what you offer to customers.