Bespoke etched glass

By Regalead.

The humble front door was catapulted into the spotlight in 2020; from doorstep deliveries to front door photo shoots and Thursday night NHS clapping, to Instagram’s pink door phenomenon, never before has the entrance to a property been so much in the spotlight.

This has driven demand for more personalised options for entrance doors, with homeowners wanting more designs and more colour options, creating a beautiful door that says ‘welcome to our castle’.

We know that one of the best ways to really personalise a door is with the glass. For many homes, that means decorating entrance doors and side panels with traditional stained glass designs with intricate patterns or pictures and stand-out colours. We see some incredible decorative designs in our customers’ factories.

But for more modern homes, where door slabs in bright colours such as pink or yellow and sophisticated hues like grey and cream are more and more popular, simple, etched glass designs are coming into their own. They give the right level of bespoke personalisation while maintaining modern, minimalist design.

Etched glass designs featuring letters and numbers for composite doors, sidelights and toplights is one of the top trends we have seen this year. It’s a perfect dual-purpose solution, giving a stunning look to an entrance door and removing the need for number plaques, stickers or signage.

The options are endless. It could be as straightforward as an etched house number, or it can include the street name too. For homes where the old name of the property is used, such as School House or The Old Rectory, personalised etched glass in the toplight looks fantastic.

We’re seeing many self-builders and renovators give their new homes a name, so things like ‘The Barn’ and ‘White House’ are very popular. And of course, there’s always those old classics: Dunroamin’, Seldom Inn or Casa Bevron.

This letters and numbers trend gives installers an easy upsell opportunity, so we wanted to make it simple for fabricators to supply personalised etched glass with any new door, sidelight or toplight.

Regalead Decorative Door Products’ range of Custom Etched Letter and Numbers is available now, with products for a full range of standard composite door sizes, plus customer sizes for sidelights and toplights.

No matter what composite door range you supply to installers, you can now add custom etched numbers and letters to your offering. We’ve made specifying Custom Etched Letters and Numbers glass as easy as one, two, three: choose the glazing style; choose the design; and choose the font.

We’ve simplified and streamlined the sales process for both fabricators and installers with this three-step ordering system, which includes enough styles, sizes and font options for 95% of orders. We also offer a more bespoke service on longer lead times, if homeowners are looking for something more specific.

There’s an eight-page printed brochure, as well as a full 40-page specifier, available for download from our website, so fabricators can easily give installer customers the tools they need to upsell etched glass with letters and numbers.

We know that getting the lead times right is crucial, especially in the current climate, so we supply units with bespoke numbers and letters in five working days for standard glass sizes and 10 working days for bespoke sizes. And prices are competitive so that everyone in the supply chain can make margin on this bespoke offering and deliver the personal touch that homeowners are looking for.