Autumn trends

By Jeyda, chief Doork and Doorco’s creative consultant.

What has felt like the longest, hottest summer in memory is finally drawing to a close and with that comes the return of weather that I personally both understand and love.

Shorter, colder days mean several things for me: slower wake-ups, hiding in the cosiness of bed; hearty, filling dinners to be demolished with a glass of red; scented candles flickering away while settling into the sofa to ridicule the plotlines of new BBC dramas; and, of course, early evening door walks.

I think autumn is a perfect time for finding doors. The fading light means there’s a genuine time limit, forcing you to pick interesting routes if you want to see great doors. The brisk air also encourages you to keep up a quick pace while door-hunting and then you’re rewarded with a welcoming blast of heat when you unlock the front door, ready to review the snaps just taken.

While out and about, I like to keep a keen eye out for any trends I’m spotting. This year, the colours that keep popping up over and over again are rich, full, sumptuous and warm shades ranging from crimson red to a deep purple. The colours remind me of bowls of potpourri, bolognese sauce and ripe cherries. Perhaps it’s Britain collectively pining to have Mary Berry back on our screens, but the plum and berry tones are everywhere.

On doors, my advice is this: the burgundies, maroons, cordovans and oxblood shades are everywhere this autumn. These tones look beautiful on a door, particularly with yellow-ish porch or street lighting. The shades sit comfortably between a bold red (a timeless classic) and an ultra-violet (2018’s colour of the year).