Support for restart

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell looks at support available for companies wanting to resume operations.

Last week, after writing this leader, I sat in on an online webinar hosted by Business Pilot.

There was a structured element to it where representatives from Everglade, Origin and Aluco shared their views and experiences, but there was also the opportunity for window installers to discuss their operations and plans to get moving again.

Interestingly, there was an obvious split. Some were extremely cautious about returning to work, while others had barely slowed during the lockdown – arranging showroom visits by appointment for example.

This is supported by news emerging from elsewhere in the industry. For example, Conservatory Outlet has reported sales figures that topped £4 million across its network for the seven-week lockdown period beginning Monday March 30.

This has been attributed to a ‘lockdown sales competition’ by the fabricator for its network of salespeople to battle it out for the top spot.

As long as government guidance is being followed then there is no right or wrong, and financial support remains in place for those companies that feel as though they can’t guarantee the safety of their staff or customers.

However, there is an increasing amount support available for companies throughout the fenestration supply chain that want to restart operations. This can come from suppliers, Certass, Corgi Fenestration, and the GGF, all of which have issued guides for working in the home. There are also various forums on social media where professional advice is being given.

Today, I am due to take part in another Business Pilot webinar, during which, if I am not mistaken, we will receive the first clues of an extension to its CRM tool that will help window installers get back to work. Details are vague at the moment, but businesses should be able to incorporate new ways of working as part of their daily routine, something that can be monitored and verified, and which will help them comply with current government guidance.