Flush with success

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell tries out new welding technology.

The flush sash has become something of a defining product in recent years, almost becoming a byword for the evolution of the PVCU window.

Dan Gill’s R9 window was certainly the trendsetter in this movement, but while that window has many features, its flush-fitting sash was its defining element, and one that every fabricator wanted in its portfolio.

Following this came a focus on the welding technology, and we’ve seen advancements from machinery suppliers that have helped reduce the visible weld and provide joins that can pass as mechanically jointed corners. With this recent history in mind, it was a fascinating visit to Jade Engineering last week. The company has worked with its machinery division Kombimatec to develop a welding process that emulates an exterior mechanical join, while providing an extremely neat 45º interior weld.

Furthermore, the whole set up is available from under £40,000.

(What was even more fascinating was my own opportunity to make an outerframe and flush sash using the Deceuninck Heritage system. I’ve been writing about windows for well over a decade, and this is the first time anyone has felt brave enough to let me loose on window machinery. The result – the operator notwithstanding – was impressive.)