Catching on

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell considers an alarming statistic.

Having energy efficient windows only work if they are closed. It’s obvious, but we legislate for energy efficient windows, even though they could be left open with the radiators on full blast.

The same could be said for safety. However, unlike energy efficiency, safety can still be maintained if a restrictor is used to prevent the window opening wide enough to allow a child to slip though.

According to a recent initiative in the US, an estimated 3,300 children aged five and younger, are treated each year in US hospital emergency departments due to falls from windows; an average of eight deaths are also recorded annually.

This has been picked up by Mike Derham, chairman of Mighton Products, manufacturer of the Angel Ventlock window restrictor.

This is an unnecessarily large figure, especially when you consider that it is completely preventable cause of accident.

Yet, in the UK, more than 4,000 such accidents happen each year, and the population of the US is five times that of the UK.

If there are retro-fittable products on the market, then these accidents shouldn’t be happening. Maybe it’s up to the window industry to help raise awareness of this danger?

Even better, maybe it’s time that an opening restriction is designed into windows, rather than as a retro-fitted option.

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