Switch without a hitch

Switch without a hitch is the promise being made by Rehau trade fabricator Euroglaze, as it guarantees to make the process of changing supplier simple and profitable for third party stockists and installers.

Euroglaze has built its 30-year reputation on the kind of Japanese style lean manufacturing efficiencies that enable it to offer three-day lead times on all standard products ordered on-line. It also offers a personalised relationship.

It claims to combine these strengths into a ‘switch without a hitch’ service so that customers can buy windows and doors from Euroglaze without worrying about hassle or disruption.

Managing director Martin Nettleton said: “Often the only thing holding a customer back from switching supplier is the idea that it will be more trouble than it’s worth. We’ve addressed that concern head on and made sure that customers know they can make the switch to Euroglaze without any trouble at all.”

The service starts with a call to discuss the customer’s needs, and then each new customer is assigned a dedicated member of the customer service team who acts as their personal contact as they get to know the company.

This personal contact walks customers through their early orders from order to delivery, making sure that they get exactly what they expect right from the start of the relationship.

Once that first order has been placed, customers get a call from Euroglaze’s despatch team who discuss delivery requirements and introduce them to their driver. And, after each of the early deliveries, the customer service contact is in touch again to make sure everything is living up to expectations.

“We may be focused on quality and efficiency, but we never forget that our customers are people and not numbers and we work hard to make them feel part of the Euroglaze family,” Martin said.