Continuing to uphold promises

By Ben Brocklesby, director at Origin.

As competition within the glass and glazing industry becomes more prevalent, it is important now more than ever to be able to stand out above the crowd; with numerous companies boasting products with unique USPs, it is imperative to be able to offer more.

Service is becoming a key factor in the battle for business, so on top of products and innovation, manufacturers need to be able to deliver on all their promises.

At Origin, we manufacture top quality products, but in today’s industry, we’re not just competing on this front. We offer unrivalled lead-times, and we pride ourselves on the levels of service that we offer our partners – from technical and customer service through to showroom and marketing support.

This enables us to provide a holistic value to partners. We aim to continuously exceed our partners’ expectations, and this ethos runs through the entire company, from senior level right through to the factory floor.

We want our partners to enjoy and benefit from the whole Origin experience. If they can trust us to deliver on time in full, it will have a positive impact on their sales and business growth.

When we say we are going to do something, no matter the scale, our partners can rest assured it will get done. Therefore, we are looking at the whole supply chain, departmental operations and business as a whole, assessing whether there’s anything that will affect this promise to our customers.

For example, when we introduced the ‘Your Lead Time, Not Ours’ delivery promise on our bifold door, which allows partners to get their products the next day, people said it could not be done. Yet here we are, with a 100% record for delivery. This has revolutionised the way in that the manufacturing industry views lead times.

Origin is growing rapidly. We have employed more than 74 new members of staff in 2017 alone, moved the Origin HQ to a new 20,000ft2 office space, and have more partners nationwide now than ever before.

This change, while fantastic for business, means that we must be as precise and accurate as ever. Standards will stay at optimum levels as we grow. With the right staff, our family culture embedded within each department, and a desire to constantly improve, this promise is something Origin will uphold.