Traditional and contemporary

Ultraframe recently supplied a Classic Roof as part of a modern conservatory extension to a thatched property in the Surrey countryside.

Since the existing property was an unusual building, it was crucial that whatever new space was added would complement the existing home, as well as being a light and airy space that linked the home with the surrounding countryside.

“We met the Sherborne Windows team at a local garden centre, and they were very caring and understanding of our requirements,” the homeowner said. “The Ultraframe products that they used seemed to be very good quality and we liked the modern design that they created for us. There was a lot of choice and it was relatively easy to find a solution that suited our home best.”

Sherborne designed a contemporary conservatory extension featuring a glazed Classic roof to draw natural light into both the conservatory below, and the adjoining rooms. Featuring a curved cornice, the roof, windows, and doors are finished in anthracite grey, paired with white render to complement the render of the property.

The conservatory features a mix of full-length frames, large picture windows and glazed doors to ensure a light airy feel. On the interior, an insulated internal pelmet gives an extension-like feel and has been used to discreetly house spotlights for dark nights.

Chris Long of Sherborne Windows said: “Although we build lots of glazed extensions, there are not many that are attached to a building with a thatched roof. The project brief to create a light and airy living space was achieved but making sure it complemented the home was difficult to imagine during the design stage.

“The effort put in early on to ensure the new building not only performed but was also aesthetically right was worth it when we look at the finished result.”