Largest structural glass media facade

G-Smatt Europe has been selected as the provider of what is thought will be the UK’s largest structural, glass media facade for Axiom Yorkshire, the largest out-of-town retail, leisure and entertainment development in the UK since Bluewater.

The announcement was made at Revo 2018 by Philip Lunn, chairman of Axiom, who said: “In a world where retail is evolving at an ever-faster pace, Axiom will exceed expectations, delivering a unique retail, leisure and hospitality experience. We are excited by the opportunities and creativity provided by G-Smatt’s glass media facades and are confident that it will help to deliver a truly memorable visitor experience.”

Orhan Ertughrul, executive vice-president of G-Smatt Europe, said: “Axiom’s vision for this new site, to be a multi-channel, multi-sensory, enhanced retail experience is a perfect match for our glass.

“With the only limit being their own imagination, brands will be able to deliver highly creative, interactive and unique campaigns that will engage and excite visitors. When not being used for specific campaigns the interactive capabilities of the facade can be used to draw people together to share experiences and live events.”

With the project due to start on site imminently, the glass facade, due for installation in early 2021, will be located at the entrance to the centre and will measure approximately 1,000m2.