Cream of the crop

SJ Window Installations recently completed a domestic project using Residence 9 windows and French doors from the Glazerite UK Group.

Specifying clotted cream on the exterior, combined with a white ash interior, the installation matched an existing R9 window fitted in a previous extension on the property, which is situated in the Wiltshire village of Little Somerford.

A total of nine windows and a pair of French doors were installed over five days by Simon Jordan, owner of SJ Window Installations, who was carrying out his first ever Residence Collection project.

“This was the first time I’ve installed Residence 9 though I’ve used the Halo FlushSash in a number of properties of late,” he said. “Both are great systems and, alongside the R7 – which I also have access to via Glazerite – I have a number of flush sash solutions for customers, whatever their needs or budget.

“The marketing done by Residence Collection in support of both R9 and R7 is impressive, and this particular customer found me via the installer search on their website, which is fantastic.”