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Installers are capitalising on the domestic boom in PVCU inline sliding doors, Patiomaster has reported.

Carmen Velilla, PatioMaster’s brand manager, said: “Over the last 12 months, the market has witnessed a resurgence in popularity for inline sliding patio doors, especially from the domestic sector. Consumers continue to aspire to light-filled spaces which patio doors deliver. And with our Triple-track system, our inline sliding patios can easily compete with the wider aperture products that have gained market traction over the past few years giving fabricators and installers a competitive edge.

“Even before the pandemic, we had witnessed a growing trend from consumers wanting wider aperture openings in their homes which is why we launched our Triple-track system. The Triple-track door system is a superb alternative to bifolding doors for larger apertures and delivers on aesthetics too. With consumers having spent more time researching the best products for their homes during the past twelve-months of restrictions, PatioMaster’s products deliver what today’s homeowner is looking to achieve.”

The Triple-track door system offers a wider clear opening over a conventional patio door with up to 25% more open space being achieved and can accommodate a maximum aperture wide of 6m. Triple-track also gives the option of having two or four sliding sashes that stack neatly behind each other when opened, even on smaller frame sizes.

Like all PatioMaster doors, the system is simple to install and features such as edge-located rollers mean easy adjustment too. There is a choice of colours and finishes, including grained and flat textures plus dual colour options. There’s a choice of white, gold, brass, chrome, black and silver handle colours. Available in 24mm and 28mm glazing options, triple track door configurations exceed all current thermal efficiency requirements.

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