Turning up the heat

London-based insulated glass manufacturer Crystal Units recently invested in a Pujol 6,000mm x 3,000mm combination heat soak test and glass laminating oven.

The oven will play a major role in the production of the ultra-thermally efficient CUIN insulating glass with suspended film technology, recently released by Crystal Units.

“Our product innovation for the glazing industry needs technical support that is second to none,” director of Crystal Units Pankaj Gorsia said. “Pujol was our first choice for glass laminating partner, and we knew its expertise and flexibility would allow it to deliver the right solution for us.

“The oven itself was designed to run on either gas or electricity due to power restrictions in the factory, and we can produce laminated glass and run heat soak tests for glass sizes up to 6m x 3m.

“We also went for doors on both the front and back of the oven to allow a new batch to start running while the previous batch is being unloaded. This allows us to maximise the production capabilities without needing to run a second production shift, for the time being anyway.”

The oven was supplied by Pujol Evalam UK, which represents Pujol in the UK and Ireland.

The Pujol UK team oversaw the installation and will offer ongoing service and support, as well as supplying the Pujol Evalam EVA film for the production of laminated glass, allowing lamination cycle times from one and a half hours.

“Pujol is at the forefront of developing and producing glass lamination machinery and manufacture a full range of equipment and accessories, most importantly our own European manufactured EVA,” Phil Berridge, managing director of Pujol UK, said.

“Pujol’s heritage dates back to 1911 and remains a family business. We have become the industry leader for the production of industrial ovens and furnaces, historically in areas such as ceramics, metal, chemical and in the last twenty or so years the glass industry, with customers like Crystal Units becoming the core of our business.”

Pujol supplies laminating ovens of all sizes for the production of laminated glass using both EVA and PVB, along with offering heat soak test ovens. It also produces its own EVA.