Technical support

A new online product selector and ‘Glazing For Life’ technical brochure launched by Promat UK provide architects, interior designers, joiners and specialist contractors with the latest technical guidance on the design and specification of fire resistant glazing.

These new resources are designed to help specifiers make confident decisions on fire resistant glazing in applications where the protection of people and assets is critically important.

The easy-to-use new Promat UK glass product selector, available at, takes specifiers through the essential questions which need to be asked to make the right choices for fire resistant glazing at the design stage. These start with whether it is a complete system or only the glass required, moving on to questions about the types of glass required, whether a door features in the design, the desired framing materials and the level of resistance required. The outcome is a recommendation from Promat UK, based on its proven range of solutions, backed by decades of experience in the manufacture and testing of fire resistant glazing systems.

Promat UK’s new ‘Glazing For Life’ technical brochure provides greater insights for anyone seeking guidance on how to choose fire resistant glazing, and the numerous different solutions to consider from Promat UK. Originally published in 2017, the brochure has been downloaded hundreds of times to date, and this latest version contains an even greater wealth of technical information to assist with the specification process.

In conjunction with its Riba-approved CPD seminar, ‘The Burning Question’, which is available to book online, and the Systemglas Specifiers Guide, anyone involved in the design and supply chain for fire resistant glazing can access a complete package of support from Promat UK with ease, the company said.