Sales of Haffner Murat’s SBA-2 and SBA-4 machining centres have had a strong start to the year.

Dave Thomas, Haffner Murat’s managing director, said: “The machines enable businesses to increase capacity by driving quality, reducing costs and improve efficiency. The strong sales are therefore an excellent indication of the confidence the industry has at the moment.”

Both the SBA-2 and the SBA-2 machining centres are industry stalwarts. The key to their success and continued popularity is the process of continuous innovation that ensures they continue to deliver the features and benefits that today’s fabricator’s need.

“Both machines have a heavy duty design and use top quality parts to ensure years of trouble-free service. They are easy to program, control and adjust, which gives them maximum flexibility and usability.

Haffner Murat offers free and impartial consultancy to ensure customers are investing in the machines that will help them achieve their objectives. The package includes installation and training, and are covered with a two-year warranty.

“The confidence I can see in the industry at the moment is great news,” Dave said. “It’s also a sign that all fabricators need to be looking at their set-up to make sure they’re keeping up with their competitors.”