Standard offering

Love my Door now fits Brisant’s Lock Lock security handle as standard.

“We only sell products I truly believe in, and with top quality looks, security, and anti-corrosion, Lock Lock fits the bill,” owner David Ruzicka said. “I ask customers to hold Lock Lock so they can compare the weight and feel of it to other handles. It’s an easy sell from then on – they’re happy to pay the extra.”

David continued: “If I’m selling a £2,000 door, I’d be embarrassed to think I only invested £6.50 in A ‘standard’ handle and – even more importantly – just £1.60 on the actual lock. These are the two fundamental things on a door that keep my customers safe and secure. I don’t want a component that saves me money, I want the best; something that does a fantastic job, and that makes me money.”