Going live

Business Micros Group has launched Touch, which is new end-to-end software that would give fabricators and installers a new way of quoting and selling online, the company said.

The website is now live at www.bm-touch.co.uk.

Touch offers fully integrated software options for every stage of the selling and ordering process, from capturing leads and selling virtually to the homeowner via Touch Vendor, to processing orders and pushing them through to production via Touch Portal.

The new Touch website lets fabricators and installers explore the different features of the Touch products for themselves and see how the system works for their businesses. They simply click on the relevant section of the website and it opens up to show fabricators how they can streamline their customer ordering process and how installers can generate more sales and enquiries.

The website includes info on the user-friendly features of the software and reinforces the benefits of having a Business Micros solution, which uses the same powerful engine for all of the different processes from manufacture to consumer, the company said.

It showcases, for example, the user-friendly product configurator within Touch Portal which has accurate and realistic product renders for installers to produce their own stylish quotes and the Virtual Home interactive visualiser within Touch Vendor which lets homeowner see images of their property from every side and from both inside and out.

Fabricators can get in touch with Business Micros direct to get a personalised demo and, from July onwards, installers can download their own versions of Touch Vendor via the website on a free trial.

Paul Callaghan, director of Business Micros Group company The Consultancy, which is responsible for the design features in Touch and which has produced the new website, said: “Visitors to the site will see exactly how much potential the Touch products have to transform the way they do business. Companies who get on board with us now will have a huge head start over the competition as the recovery starts to happen.”