Approved partner

Specialist Glass Products has been named as an approved partner to supply the Pilkington Suncool range of solar controlled glass products.

Advances in coating technology now allow for extremely high-performing solar control and low emissivity glass products, revolutionising ‘green build’ initiatives and energy performance in modern and heritage buildings, the company said.

The glass products maintain a steady temperature throughout the year by essentially keeping heat inside during the winter and vice versa during the summer.

The specific materials coating the glass reflect the infrared portions of solar energy and absorb the UV light, therefore reducing the amount of heat that flows into the building. The coating specifically allows control of varying factors such as solar radiation transmittance, external light reflections and light transmittance performance to help structures reduce energy consumption.

Due to investment in toughening equipment (for flat and curved glass) and a new bespoke laminating line, Specialist Glass Products can now supply these specific glass products after extensive testing with Pilkington. SGP is also approved to supply solar controlled glass from other manufacturers, such as Guardian Sun Guard and Saint-Gobain SKN Cool-Lite.

Managing director Andrew Taylor said: “With the rise in the need for carbon-neutral buildings in recent years, and with demand set to grow exponentially in 2020, we are really pleased to have been approved to supply this range, alongside solar control ranges from other manufacturers, to ensure that our customers have access to their preferred choice of product, particularly when it is curved, without having to compromise as they have in the past.”