Free trial

Double Glazing App is now available to installers for a two-month free trial.

It allows prospective customers to download the app from the installer’s website onto their smartphone, use it to measure their windows and doors, select the colours and styles they want, and then submit the information to receive an accurate price in under 90 seconds. This is according to Virtape, a sister company of Leads 2 Trade.

Customers can then book a survey and sign up in the normal way.

Virtape’s managing director John Cohen said: “Double Glazing App has the potential to revolutionise the way installers generate leads and sell replacement windows and doors by providing them with instant leads, more leads from their existing website visitors, and better conversion rates.

“We want them to see the benefits first-hand, which is why we have decided to offer a 60-day trial completely for free.”

Double Glazing App also gives you the opportunity to offer a monthly finance option alongside the sale price, while new software updates allow all app users to be tracked and communicated with.

“The home improvement market is buoyant at the moment and we want all installers to be able to take advantage of that,” John said.

“And with more and more homeowners looking for affordability before they even get involved with sales, being able to generate leads quickly and remotely is even more important. That’s why it’s vital installers don’t miss out on this offer.”