Engineering enhancements secured

Quickslide’s new Legacy VS window, in its mechanically jointed form, has passed a series of PAS24:2016 security tests.

Based upon the Spectus Vertical Slider, the Legacy has been enhanced with Quickslide succeeding in producing the only mechanically jointed version of this window on the market, it said.

A number of engineering enhancements were made to ensure the Quickslide Legacy window complies with the standard, including additional reinforcement and longer screws to ensure secure location in the reinforcement, in addition to side extrusion blocks, sash locators, together with upgraded locks, keeps, latch and aluminium tilt arms, all supplied by ERA.

Quickslide’s quality manager Julian Fielden said: “Our goal was not simply to pass the very rigorous PAS24 test procedures, but to ensure that we can manufacture every frame to this standard, with consistent performance, quality and, of course, production efficiency.

“And the testing procedures are a fascinating process. The manual test includes attacking the window with various tools to try and displace the beading with an aim of removing the glass to gain entry. The mechanical tests are done by attaching various brackets to the window and then a force of up to 3kN is applied in different position to try and dislodge the sashes from the frames. And obviously we passed all of these and the other tests.”

The Quickslide Legacy is offered as what the company describes as a ‘true heritage’ window. Key aesthetic features include the authentic ovolo shape to the frame, bead, sash and sill with a wide range of detail customisations including Georgian bars, run-through sash horns, and external weather bars. This attention to detail extends to a deep bottom rail and flush gaskets that emulate traditional glazing.

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