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CDW Systems has added Smart Systems’ Designer Doors to its range, which combine the strength and style of aluminium with the versatile options for customisation offered by composite doors, the company said.

The doors passed PAS 24:2016 Enhanced Security Performance testing, thanks in part to its ten-point locking mechanism, and boasts three adjustable hinges that can withstand 80kg of pressure.

Available with fixed-side or head-light glazing combinations, the Designer Door range offers U-values as low as 0.9W/m2K thanks to new thermal break technology, a fully insulated door panel, and triple glazed and laminated glass units.

The four different ranges are: Traditional, which has been designed to recreate the traditional elegance of Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian entrance doors; Vintage, which reflects the elegance of 1920s and 1930s Art Deco doors; Modern, which was developed to suit new homes; and Cottage, which was inspired by traditional village cottages and country homes.

There is a wide range of different colours on offer. The Sensations and Cotswold colour options offer a unique textured finish, while the Creations range offers a vibrant palette of classic colours.

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