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Carl F Groupco has highlighted the capabilities of the Fuhr 881 door lock to combine smart technology with effective security.

Carl F Groupco’stechnical manager John Mitchell said:“The Fuhr 881 is rigorously designed to ensure it is fail-safe in the event of a fire via a panic function and fail-secure if there is a power cut as the door remains locked.

“It only registers as locked when closed and all locking points are effectively engaged. With the 881, the door is locked every time it is closed. Therefore, if the door is shut it is secure.

“Addressing concerns triggered by research that suggests a proportion of home break-ins are via unlocked doors; if the lock doesn’t engage properly an alarm sounds. The status of a door can also be monitored using the SmartConnect App; only when the door is closed and all locking points are engaged, does the system report a secure door.

“To some,smart tech might be in its infancy, but Carl F Groupco and our manufacturer partners for SmartSecure are ahead of the curve – the result is established credentials backed by advanced and proven technology that address any security concerns.”

Carl F Groupco’sSmartSecure brand, which features the Fuhr 881 door lock, comprises the smart phone and tablet based app SmartConnect. SmartTouch is a SmartSecure option that operates by touching a sensor – all that is needed is a small active transponder in the vicinity of the door.

Radio-based access control systems are also available including a radio keypad, transponder and fingerprint scanner for keyless biometric access control. All of the access control offered by SmartSecure features rolling code technology to prevent replay attacks.

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