Strategic partnership

Glaston has outsourced the majority of its ICT services to software and services company Tieto.

Through a strategic partnership, Tieto will support Glaston in transforming its ICT environment to better serve current and future business needs.

With the support of Tieto, Glaston intends to streamline its ICT services and increase their cost-effectiveness. The agreement covers infrastructure, end-user and application management services globally.Glaston’s ICT services have been previously managed by several different vendors, and centralising the services with Tieto will bring Glaston significant synergies, the company said.

Additionally, Glaston and Tieto will work together to increase the level of digitalisation and automation of Glaston’s products and services as well as focus on better use of data by, for example, taking into use Tieto’s data platform.

Glaston plans to move more to the cloud, particularly its Bystronic glass business which the company acquired in April 2019. Partnering with Tieto also supports Glaston in its efforts to achieve synergies from the Bystronic glass transaction.

“Centralising our IT services with Tieto will help us focus on our core competences,” Glaston’sICT director JannePuhakkasaid.“Digitalization and IoT based solutions are the spearheads of our product development. With the support of Tieto, we strive to achieve our vision of increasing digitalisation and automation in our production, down to fully automated production lines.”

Tieto’sbusiness partner HarriKulmalasaid:“We are well-placed to support Glaston with first-class ICT services and ready to serve as its proactive innovation partner in utilising new technologies. For example, better use of data can create significant competitive advantages for Glaston.”

The services will be transferred to Tieto by the end of the first quarter of 2020. The value of the contract is not disclosed.