Rehau receives gold EcoVadis rating

Rehau Group has been awarded gold certification from the EcoVadis rating agency for its outstanding commitment to sustainability.

With a total of 71 out of a possible 100 points, Rehau has achieved the high standard for the second year running, placing it among the top 5% of all participating companies and the top 2% in the plastic products industry.

As the world’s largest provider of sustainability ratings for companies, the EcoVadis certification demonstrates how well Rehau Group has integrated sustainability principles into its business and management systems.

“Sustainability is an increasingly big talking point across all industries, so we are extremely proud to have been recognised at a gold standard by EcoVadis for the second year running, confirming the efforts we have made towards our own green journey,” commented Martin Hitchin, CEO of Rehau UK at Rehau Group UK.

“We have made great strides towards ensuring a circular economy across the Rehau company, looking beyond the original life cycle of our products with modern recycling management and incorporating energy saving solutions and processes across the company.”

Since 2020, Rehau has been a member of the UN Global Compact Initiative, focusing on its corporate responsibility and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

As part of this network, the systems house publishes a yearly report demonstrating the extent to which set principles are being implemented – including areas of progression and areas of action.

In the most recently released report, covering Rehau’s 2021 sustainability targets, Rehau continued to advance it’s green recycling methods. In particular, the proportion of recyclates in new products was increased significantly, which resulted in the meeting of 2025 targets ahead of schedule.

Martin concluded: “Sustainability has become even more of a key consideration over the past year as homeowners and business owners have become increasingly aware and concerned about how environmentally friendly their properties are.

“With ever-improving work towards green practices, we are confident that we can keep up with the evolving demands and offer solutions with a smaller environmental impact.”