On the same page

Emplas has launched a new edition of its Product Specification and Customer Support Guide, consolidating each individual element of its product and service offer into a single document.

This includes guidance on specification and regulation from CE Marking to Part Q and WERs down to technical detail on composite doors, window maximum and minimum widths, foils, and even the technical specifications on ancillaries including trickle vents, variable angle bays and couplers.

The new guide also features Emplas’ BSI certificate of registrations, along with: a who’s who directory; guides to ordering; returned goods; guarantees; step-by-step guides on how to order through Emplas’s Window Designer Cloud System; how to use the Emplas Virtual Assistant (EVA); how to return product; and guarantee details.

“We have brought any piece of information and resource that any of our customers could ever want to access into a single place,”said John Leary, sales and marketing director at Emplas. “There are so many times when you’re running a retail business that you need to check that little bit of information but digging it out from your paper filing system, or most likely bottom draw, can cost you a huge amount of time.

“The Emplas Product Specification and Customer Support Guide brings everything into a single document.”