Marketing campaign yields results

Fensa’s latest benchmarking survey has revealed a large increase in homeowner and installer awareness of the competent person scheme for the installation of replacement windows and doors, following the launch of its first TV advert in March 2019 and the accompanying social media campaign.

The ‘All the proof you need’ campaign was designed to make homeowners aware of the importance of choosing a Fensa approved installation company – and asking for a Fensa certificate on completion of the job – to ensure their replacement windows and doors comply with Building Regulations, are energy efficient, and registered with their local council.

A follow-up survey, conducted by YouGov in November 2019, has revealed that the marketing campaign far exceeded expectations and that Fensa-approved installers are reaping the benefits. After nine months of the campaign, 73% of homeowners said they would now only use a Fensa installer to replace their windows and doors. In addition, 50% of homeowners said they now know to ask for a Fensa certificate.

Furthermore, Fensa’s website has seen a “huge increase” in visitors, particularly those using the ‘Find an Installer’ page to find Fensa-approved companies in their local area. Among Fensa-approved installers, the survey revealed, 67% now use the Fensa brand to win work.

“We wanted to see an increase in consumer awareness of Fensa and of installers using the brand to secure new contracts, but these numbers have exceeded our expectations,” Chris Beedel, Fensa’s director of membership, said. “To see so many of our Approved Installers using the Fensa brand to achieve this goes to show how homeowners now understand the value of the Fensa certificate. For 73% of homeowners to say they would only use a Fensa Approved Installer to replace their windows and doors is fantastic, and the value of being Fensa Approved is growing by the day.”

Fensa said the TV advert became the first of its kind in the industry when it launched in March. Based on the direct message to homeowners to ask for a Fensa certificate, the campaign was conceived after Fensa realised that, in spite of legislation, many installers still do not register replacement windows and doors with local authorities, meaning homeowners can be left with problems and costs if installers who are not part of a competent person scheme leave homeowners with non-compliant work.

Fensa’s advert, along with sponsorship on TV channel Dave and an accompanying series of online marketing campaigns, has meant the brand has been seen almost 250 million times.