Interest in security

A new special interest group has been launched by the BRE in partnership with the Security Institute – the UK’s largest professional membership body for security professionals.

BRE associate director and special interest group co-chair Gavin Jones said: “We want to see more security professionals engaged both in the development of the built environment, and in helping organisations to operate safe and secure premises. The group will work to increase opportunities for security professionals and raise the profile of the security industry.”

A recent BRE national security survey – created to help identify priorities for new research, standards development, campaigns, events and training in the area of protective security – has shown that people have become more security conscious. Out of over 200 participants that took the survey, 81% of participants considered security a factor when deciding which property to rent or buy, and over 50% said they may be influenced by security when deciding whether to attend an event, concert or festival.