How to take manufacturing to the next step

Greg Beachim
Greg Beachim

FIT Show was all about putting customers first, argues First Degree Systems’ sales manager, Greg Beachim, with new products promising to boost efficiency further.

For many window fabricators, Window Designer from First Degree Systems is a beating heart – the engine that drives production by linking orders to the factory floor and through to dispatch.

According to sales manager Greg Beachim, the company’s presence at FIT – as part of software powerhouse Cyncly’s stand – was about taking that model and supercharging it.

“Window Designer was designed with the customer’s needs in mind,” Greg says, “and that philosophy hasn’t changed in all the years we have been operating in this sector.

“Now that we are part of Cyncly, we can put the customer in the driving seat like never before, and open up a whole new world of ways to increase efficiency, minimise error and reduce waste.”

Greg explains that on the Cyncly stand at FIT Show, there was a wide choice of products from First Degree Systems, SoftTech, FeneTech, and contractERP that can not only save time and money within the fenestration space, but also build in more margin and create profit.

“The Cyncly banner gave visitors the opportunity to come and see each product, and to see which one would potentially best meet their needs,” Greg says. “We discussed the challenges that each customer faced, and then helped build a structured approach for that product to help them meet their goals.”

FIT Show also provided the opportunity to unveil Window Designer Enterprise, which brings together a flagship ERP software product from First Degree Systems’ sister company FeneTech and offers its powerful management tools to the wider UK window fabrication industry.

“We’ll be launching Window Designer Enterprise later this year, which will offer some very high-end features that give owners of larger window fabricators greater control over all aspects of their businesses,” Greg says.

Window Designer Enterprise was designed from the factory floor up (not from the front office down) and gives greater insight into the manufacturing process than ever before. Features include: simplified and consistent pricing and quoting management; easy-to-track communication; efficient materials management; production scheduling; business intelligence (BI); optimisation across materials, manpower, machinery and time; invoicing; shipping; and much more.

“Window Designer is a very capable and powerful product that suits so many businesses in our industry,” Greg says. “But Window Designer Enterprise is designed for those companies that really want extra control over their operations – BI integration, the ability to instantaneously map out production centres, and manage transport options – which comes from having a bigger and more integrated system.”

Greg says that bringing together several businesses gives Cyncly the ability to develop greater integration across multiple platforms. This then gives companies in the window, door and glass sector greater control over the running of their businesses. They can assess the needs of their operation and choose the most appropriate software product.

“What we have is a group of businesses, and we can bring different innovations from each of them and offer them to a whole new customer base.

“Ever since we united under one brand in September 2022, we’ve been looking at how we can help our customers be the best they can be. Window Designer Enterprise is the first significant step on that journey for the window, door and glass industry in the UK, and we will be developing even more opportunities in the months to come.”