Futureproofing for the next generation

Four years to the day after it took delivery of an Emmegi Precision TS2 saw and Phantomatic X4 machining centre, Warwick based Newbury Commercial Glazing upgraded to a 12-axis Quadra L1 fully automatic cutting and machining centre.

Emmegi’s Quadra L1 can cut, machine and transom notch all in one operation and can machine profiles continuously in 360° without the need to reposition the bar. It automatically adjusts for different profile sizes and even different systems, so is ideal for companies that fabricate in more than one aluminium system.

Newbury’s managing director Rod Newbury said it represents a key element in his plan to futureproof his business before he retires and hands over the reins to his son Oliver.

“The Quadra L1 provides a springboard from which Oliver and the team can take Newbury to the next level,” he said. “It vastly increases our capacity, but much more importantly, it also increases our productivity. We’ve already more than doubled turnover since we bought the original Emmegi machines and now the Quadra L1 gives us the opportunity to increase that still further, without compromising on margins or competitiveness.”

Emmegi has remained a close partner of Newbury since the initial machinery investment was made and managing director Ian Latimer was involved in the decision to upgrade. He arranged for Rod and Oliver Newbury to see a similar Quadra L1 in operation at a London-based fabricator and to talk to the team there about how they are optimising their own investment.

Rod said: “Seeing the Quadra in action clarified for us just how much of a difference it could make to our factory. It has enabled us to switch from semi-automatic to fully automatic production and means that our output per man has nearly doubled. The Precision TS2 and Phantomatic X4 proved ideal stepping stones to get us to this point and Emmegi have been with us every step of the way.”

Using the Emmegi Camplus solution with the Time X module, for example, Newbury Commercial Glazing can calculate exactly how long it takes to machine every piece and use that information within its estimates. It is also now developing its own bespoke software tool to manage stock control effectively.

Four years ago, when Newbury started its machinery investment, it was focused largely in the education sector but, with more advanced manufacturing and a more experienced team, it is also now winning an increasing amount of business in the broader commercial market.