From strength to strength

Roseview’s output for 2020 is unlikely to be severely dented by the coronavirus and ensuing lockdown, the fabricator has announced.

In fact, the company has “gone from strength to strength since reopening after lockdown”, it said. The return to work in May was coupled with a rapid rise in sales, and current forecasts predict that the number of windows Roseview manufactures this year will at least equal the total for 2019, despite having missed almost two months.

In response to the current supply chain issues, Roseview is sourcing alternative suppliers and overstocking on components wherever possible. The company has also invested in operations and increased recruitment to help reduce the impact on customers.

The company has acquired a fifth factory, and there has been significant investment in plant and machinery, including a new machining centre, with more planned for the future, and the company has employed 20 new fabricators across all sites with further appointments throughout the business.

Managing director Richard Burrells said: “The current home improvement boom has led to unexpected levels of window orders, meaning demand has been strong for our Rose Collection sash windows, especially Ultimate Rose.

“I would like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding during these unpredictable times. We felt it was important to be open and transparent with our customers about extended lead times and supply chain issues, so we’ve been communicating regularly.

“I would also like to thank our incredible team here at Roseview who have gone above and beyond to help meet our customers’ needs and continue to do what we do best: manufacturing exceptional sash windows.”

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