Factory expansion

TuffX recently expanded its manufacturing facility by 6,000ft2 to make way for a Glaston RC Series furnace.

Installed in January, this new addition is the third, and largest, furnace now in operation at the company’s Merseyside premises.

The factory extension, coupled with the arrival of the new tempering furnace, is part of TuffX’s ongoing commitment to increase both throughput and efficiency, while maintaining a focus on quality. With TuffX being one of few companies able to process spans of glass up to 4.6m in length, part of the motivation behind recent improvements is focused on increasing throughput of orders for larger glass sizes.

This £750k investment in TuffX’s site in Knowsley, near Liverpool, follows its expansion last year when the facility grew by almost 50%.

“TuffX continues to gear up for growth, and to make sure we have the infrastructure in place to serve the growing market demand for high-performing, quality glass,” TuffX’s managing director Graham Price said.

TuffX is also in the final stages of developing an in-house process to produce a new heated glass product. Set to launch this spring, the glass is intended for use in bifolding doors, skylights, conservatories, and as a component within tiled roof systems. This product has the potential to replace radiators in rooms where layout is problematic or when wall space is limited.