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Surrey installer P&P Glass is set to increase its marketing with Purplex, which has been generating between 50-100 leads per week for P&P over the last 12 months.

Managing director of P&P Glass, Tom Scanlon, met with the Purplex team to discuss its marketing strategy, which will include a showroom launch celebrating 35 years in business, and local initiatives, such as a link up with a homeless charity.

Tom said: “Appointing Purplex to handle our marketing has been a fantastic decision, which the results back-up. Their lead generation expertise has been hugely important in a difficult market to sustain our growth in the last 12 months. We don’t want to stop there and the team at Purplex have come up with some exciting ideas moving forward. We appointed Purplex for their window industry expertise and it has helped provide the perfect marketing strategy for us.”

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