Customer conference

GJB Windows Systems is celebrating a successful customer conference held at the company’s Essex headquarters in May.

The one-day event provided customers with a complete update and overview of the new developments at GJB, as well as further details on the structure of the wider GJB Holdings Group including new sister company Listers Central. It also showcased some new product lines and outlined GJB’s vision for the future.

New products included Timeless, a new flush sash system, a new aluminium range, and the recently introduced Residence Collection.

The Conference was held on the back of a momentous 12 months for the south east fabricator with the acquisition and subsequent investments by new owner Roy Frost.

“After a hectic, but successful, 12 months, we thought the timing was right for us to bring all of our customers together to celebrate our achievements,” Roy said. “Our first customer conference was an outstanding success and all of our customers are as excited about our new product lines as we are, especially Timeless which we anticipate will prove incredibly popular in the industry.

“Not only was the conference a great way to showcase GJB, it was also a wonderful opportunity to do our duty as a supply partner by providing expert advice and support in the form of Purplex and Insight Data. Both presentations were incredibly insightful, especially with the huge challenges set to face the industry.”