Continued success

Over a year since its re-launch, the Planitherm Network by Saint-Gobain Glass continues to impress customers, installers and fabricators, the company said.

Having recommended the benefits of Planitherm to its customers for a number of years, the team at Fareham-based installer Ideal Window Solutions have seen an improvement in customer knowledge thanks to the launch of the rejuvenated Planitherm Network in February 2018. The revitalised Network has helped ensure their salespeople and customers have the best knowledge possible.

The Planitherm Network is designed to help fabricators and installers to win more business by upselling to homeowners based on the comfort benefits of different types of Planitherm glass such as enhanced security, reduced overheating, noise reduction, energy efficiency and furniture fade protection.

It’s all about using language that the consumer will understand so that they choose the right option for them, the company said. The three-option range simplifies the conversations yet highlights the fact that choosing the right type of glass will have a huge impact on the performance of your windows.

Tracey Hill, sales manager at Ideal Window Solutions, said: “Consumers should be able to make a decision easily with advice that is practical and understandable. While a lot of installers are keen to push the benefits of products such as triple glazing, in my experience the Planitherm range is often a better option in a lot of cases. And because the Planitherm comfort range can provide up to a 63% improvement on thermal efficiency when compared to older-style double-glazing, it’s often the most cost-effective option too.

“Not only are Planitherm marketing tools very clear for our salespeople, and most importantly our customers, to use but the team at Saint-Gobain have been fabulously supportive, and even came out to our showroom to talk us through the new marketing material. They consistently provide the kind of ongoing support that is really helpful to our business and staff.”

A key benefit of the Planitherm Network is the information on the website and access to sales and marketing tools to help fabricators and installers to start having different conversations with their customers and choose the right glass to meet their changing needs.