Comp Door partners with Windows Are Us

Comp Door has partnered with Windows Are Us, a Stratford Upon Avon-based glazing supplier and installer.

Windows Are Us is reported to have switched to Comp Door after becoming frustrated with a previous supplier and have been impressed by the manufacturer’s fresh approach to problem solving and its ability to provide real solutions to common problems in the industry.

After six months, the partnership is said to have been ‘transformative’ for both companies, with Windows Are Us displaying four Comp Door doors in its showroom, and selling more than 100 doors so far.

Windows Are Us director, Ryan Rose, commented: “Since partnering with Comp Door, we’ve been really impressed with their problem-solving skills and how collaborative they are. It feels like a genuine partnership, which can be rare in this industry, and there’s no way we’re looking back.

“Windows Are Us understand that customers are spending a lot of money on their home improvements, so they deserve the best products at the best value. We care about quality and service above all else, and partnering with a company like Comp Door means we are able to demonstrate this.”

Richard Diliberto, sales director of Comp Door, said: “Windows Are Us have been great to work with from the word go. We could see that our values were really closely aligned, and we recognised that their dedication to customer service showed just how much they cared, so the Comp Door team were really happy to be partnering with them.”