BBA certification

Yale Door and Window Solutions has obtained BBA certification for its window product range.

BBA testing includes laboratory-based testing, online evaluation, product inspections, life expectancy assessment, quality management review, and training review, which need to be passed to a high standard.

Grant Stratford, technical director for Yale Door and Window Solutions, said: “Unlike the BBA assessment reports, where the products are assessed once and then no further evaluation is conducted for five years, the certification scheme inspects the product and factory on an annual basis.”

Grant continued: “We previously held the BBA certification for our Defender and Defender Egress hinges, but are thrilled that this now also covers the Yale Hinge and Virage Handle. We are also currently in the process of obtaining the certification for the Yale Shootbolt.”

Paul Atkinson, sales director for Yale Door and Window Solutions, said: “This certification is a recognised guarantee of product performance, letting our customers know that not only have the products been independently tested to ensure they conform to the required standards, but that our factory is regularly inspected too.”