‘Sold out’ Glazing Summit a success

Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott

Almost 500 people from across the industry attended the Glazing Summit at Edgbaston Stadium last week, with organisers reporting a ‘sell out’ event.

The Glazing Summit, now in its fifth year, featured expert panellists discussing the future homes standard and triple glazing, the skills crisis, and the challenges facing installers.

The main message from the event, however, was that the industry can expect a tough year ahead and businesses need to put plans in place now to weather the storm.  A poll carried out in real-time with delegates showed 71% of businesses had seen a significant decline in the market compared to last year.

Andrew Scott, Glazing Summit founder and CEO of Insight Data and Purplex Marketing, presented a keynote on the marketing strategies businesses should be using to mitigate the market slowdown.

“The industry has slowed, and companies once again need to focus on their brand, reputation and marketing strategy,” said Andrew. “Businesses that invest in marketing during challenging times out-perform their competitors and capture market share, meaning they can grow even in a slowing market.”

Andrew also highlighted that the industry must improve its sales skills, after a boom period when many sales people became ‘order-takers’.

Other highlights included keynotes from Insight Data’s operational manager Alex Tremlett on the company’s ‘State of the Industry Report;’ the GQA’s strategic relationship manager Dan Brown on the implications of the New Building Safety Act and leading economist Ed Johnstone on the UK’s economic outlook.

The day was then rounded off by inspiration business speaker Brad Burton on how delegates can make positive and lasting change faster to shape the future of their businesses.

“Glazing Summit 2023 illustrated the industry’s commitment to exchange ideas, share best practice and drive innovation and we are proud to have created an event that not only showcases the industry but also paves the way for its future,” added Andrew.