Sheerline delivering world class OTIF

Sheerline has revealed how vertical integration, internal communications, and a focus on providing an agile service have enabled it to achieve a world class OTIF of 99.1% in February, followed by 99% in March – helping maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

While benchmarking OTIF to assess performance is not uncommon for manufacturers, Sheerline says that it tracks a particularly harsh standard, monitoring at full order level, not by item.

This means that if a single item is missing from any order (that may contain dozens of items), the full order counts against the overall OTIF score.

Delivery reports are sent the day before orders are due to be delivered and contain everything the customer needs to know. This includes an itemised list of the products being delivered, which is split by their orders. Not only does this give customers full visibility of what is being delivered and when, it also helps them to plan their production effectively, splitting everything down by individual customer projects if required.

According to Sheerline, the driving force behind this achievement is the key goal shared across all departments: customer satisfaction.

Alongside its single site, vertically integrated state of the art manufacturing, this enables Sheerline to offer five-day lead times on standard colours across its entire range.

Steve Musgrave, Sheerline operations director, commented: “Receiving an OTIF of just over 99% in February is an enormous achievement for the team, but we cannot let complacency set in. Our challenge now is to improve further and then maintain those levels, so customer satisfaction remains high.

“We’re passionate about continuous improvement, striving for perfection and the highest possible standards across every element of the business, which is why our processes receive the same attention as our products.

“Ultimately, the result is happy customers, who know what they’re getting, when they’re getting it, and that they can depend on us,” he added.